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3 Reasons why your staff leaves

Staff turnover. Every four months you need a new assistant. Your front desk seems like the line at the grocery store, just keep moving through. An expected cost of doing business...? I don't think it should be. Let's look at what you can do to stem the tide of staff turnover.

1. Responsibility: What do you expect of your staff? Do they have a laundry list of details that they are responsibe for? Are you sure? Most of my clients seem to get frustrated over things that their staff may not know is wanted of them.

I wish my staff would just...........

How many times have you said the above phrase to yourself? I cannot tell you how many time I've heard the same phrase come from my clients. Most dentists have the same 10 concerns in running their small business. Staff is usually one of, if not the top, in that list.

I have managed many different types of people over the years. At one point I had a staff of 40 while I worked in the restaurant business. Restaurant staffs are tough! Much like every server in LA is aspiring to the film industry or every cook in New York City wants to be the next

Shot at the buzzer

You hear it all the time. Get the ball to random sports hero for the winning shot at the buzzer.
The image of Jordan leaping into the air to after draining one to advance in the playoffs is forever burned on our retinas. "The Drive" with john Elway. Mark Messiersingle handedly willing The Rangers to win the Stanley Cup.
Everyone dreams of being that hero.
Wouldn't it be better to not even be in that situation?
Those late game heroics only happen because something was lacking for the entire game.
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