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Family Dentistry, What does this mean....? Part 3

Great job! You know how many women patients you have, You've changed your magazines in your reception area from what you learnedhere. You noticed patients are talking to you more because you asked how they enjoyed (insert any town event) last week. What do you do next?

Talk to your patients! Engage them like you would your neighbor. Ask them what they do on weekends. Ask them what they are reading on their Nook (which they brought in with them), Notice that they lost weight. Just think about anything you might talk to your friend about, and ask them about that.

Family Dentistry What does this mean? Part 2:

Whydo you needthesedetails about your patients? Do your patients really notice if you remember these details? If you write down these details will it be considered genuine? How does this affect how my office directly?

All good questions.  I think a more appropriate question is "why not"?Why not learn more about your patients?  How can it hurt you if you know when their anniversary is?  I believe it can't.  \

Imtiaz Manji (one of dentistry's best thinkers) just posted

Life is a Sale

The picture isn't of a salesman, it's of a shyster. I know it can be easy to confuse the two.
I'm a salesman by trade. But more importantly a salesman in life. Always have been, probably always will be.  Working with the public since I was 15 taught me alot. One important lesson I learned is, almost everything is a sale. Getting someone to buy the creme brulee dessert is a sale. Convincing your spouse to let you go golfing is a sale.  Life is a sale.
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