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Increase your patient flow in 60 minutes a month!
3 Reasons why your staff leaves
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The Experience

I spent a good part of my weekend helping my wife move her business. She is a group fitness instructor. The amount of people attending her classes outgrew the space. A great problem to have, I know. The downside, of course, is finding a appropriate space with a wood floor and mostly unobstructed views of the teacher. 

She spent months looking around but always knowing there was only one place in our city that fit her needs.OpensquareinHolyokeis an old mill that is slowly being resurrected as a green net energy space that houses businesses, event space and now, my wife's business.

Increase your patient flow in 60 minutes a month!

You just bought a newLL Beanbackpack online for your kids to bring on their first day of school. You get the backpacks and everyone is happy, especially LL Bean. Not only are they happy they made a sale, but they now have a direct line to you to market their wares. You probably never noticed that when you give a website your email address you start getting ads or a newsletter from those companies. You may unsubscribe at that point, or you may give it a quick look and perhaps purchase from them again.

3 Reasons why your staff leaves

Staff turnover. Every four months you need a new assistant. Your front desk seems like the line at the grocery store, just keep moving through. An expected cost of doing business...? I don't think it should be. Let's look at what you can do to stem the tide of staff turnover.

1. Responsibility: What do you expect of your staff? Do they have a laundry list of details that they are responsibe for? Are you sure? Most of my clients seem to get frustrated over things that their staff may not know is wanted of them.

Where does the time go?

I recently went through a sales training where the manager gave us sheet of paper and had us write down what we did yesterday. I spent almost ten minutes listing what I did and accomplished for the day. It took ten minutes to list everything I did all day...!? 

When I looked back at the list I was a little bit surprised. I was amazed about how little I had actually done. I spent time answering emails, making sales calls, and using my phone. Was this the best use of my time? Could I have spent my time (and my company's time) more effectively  Absolutely the answer is yes!

I wish my staff would just...........

How many times have you said the above phrase to yourself? I cannot tell you how many time I've heard the same phrase come from my clients. Most dentists have the same 10 concerns in running their small business. Staff is usually one of, if not the top, in that list.

I have managed many different types of people over the years. At one point I had a staff of 40 while I worked in the restaurant business. Restaurant staffs are tough! Much like every server in LA is aspiring to the film industry or every cook in New York City wants to be the next

Family Dentistry What does this mean? Part 2:

Whydo you needthesedetails about your patients? Do your patients really notice if you remember these details? If you write down these details will it be considered genuine? How does this affect how my office directly?

All good questions.  I think a more appropriate question is "why not"?Why not learn more about your patients?  How can it hurt you if you know when their anniversary is?  I believe it can't.  \

Imtiaz Manji (one of dentistry's best thinkers) just posted
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