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Technology in Patient Care

     This is a post from aprevious blogthat I wrote and then abandoned a little while ago. Hope you get something from it.
     I drove down route 91 north today and noticed a billboard forMercy Medical Center. The billboard stated they now had robotic surgery. Rosie from the Jetsons taking out your spleen? Why would a patient want robotic surgery? Why advertise this one point?
    Is it really robotic surgery that their patients want?

Shot at the buzzer

You hear it all the time. Get the ball to random sports hero for the winning shot at the buzzer.
The image of Jordan leaping into the air to after draining one to advance in the playoffs is forever burned on our retinas. "The Drive" with john Elway. Mark Messiersingle handedly willing The Rangers to win the Stanley Cup.
Everyone dreams of being that hero.
Wouldn't it be better to not even be in that situation?
Those late game heroics only happen because something was lacking for the entire game.

Growing Pains

Your sales rep is saying other dentists are down. Your specialists are calling a WHOLE LOT more than they ever did. You have holes in your hygiene schedule the size of the Grand Canyon. The presentation to that longtime patient just ended with the statement "Just take it out for now and we'll see where it goes." Where do you stop the bleeding?
Your assistant is recommending switching composites to save just a little.  Your sales rep is suggesting you buy one of those

Life is a Sale

The picture isn't of a salesman, it's of a shyster. I know it can be easy to confuse the two.
I'm a salesman by trade. But more importantly a salesman in life. Always have been, probably always will be.  Working with the public since I was 15 taught me alot. One important lesson I learned is, almost everything is a sale. Getting someone to buy the creme brulee dessert is a sale. Convincing your spouse to let you go golfing is a sale.  Life is a sale.
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